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Vaccination and Wellness Appointments

Vaccination and wellness appointments can be made by calling (352) 530-2688. We advise calling ahead for vaccinations as some appointments will require a doctor exam. By calling ahead, we can ensure a more pleasant experience and wait time for you. Spay/neuter services are only available by appointment. Scroll for our full price list.


Please note the following information regarding our policies on vaccines and purchasing prescription heartworm and flea/tick medications:

  • Pets have to be seen by our veterinarian once a year in order to buy medications such as flea/tick/heartworm preventatives.
  • Dogs must have an annual heartworm test in order to continue purchasing heartworm prevention from our clinic.
  • Pets that have missed 6 months or more of heartworm prevention have to be retested before they can purchase heartworm prevention.
  • For the safety of our staff, a current Rabies vaccination is required for pets coming in nail trims.
  • We carry the following products for heartworm, flea and/or tick control: Activyl, TriHeart Plus, Interceptor Plus, Trifexis, and Bravecto. View our products-price-list for the preventative products we carry.

Spay/Neuter Appointments

Making your pet’s spay/neuter appointment is easy! Call us, (352) 530-2688, to schedule your pet's spay/neuter appointment. Please note prices may be subject to change.


Please note the following requirements before you book your pet's surgery: 

  • Pets are required to have their Rabies and distemper vaccination current before surgery. If they are not, pets will be required to have these vaccinations during the time of surgery.
  • Dogs two years and older are required to have a current heartworm test for surgery. Please note a dog with heartworms will have a potentially higher surgical risk while under anesthesia.
  • Pets five years and older are required to have a bloodwork panel and examination done by the veterinarian prior to surgery. Call our office to set up your pet's appointment.
  • Spay and Neuters can be performed for pets four months or age and older.
  • A $10 non-refundable deposit may be required to schedule spay/neuter appointments.
  • All cats must come in an individual carrier. We will not send your cat home without a carrier and we will not put your cat in with another cat post-surgery. You will be charged a $10 carrier fee if you do not provide one cage, per cat.
  • All feral cats must come in a trap (not a carrier). Please cover the trap with a thin sheet to lessen the stress to the cat.  If you need a trap, please contact us for assistance.



Master Price List


Please call for the latest pricing.